The Booster programme 


The Booster programme: What is it?

Our most effective solution

A diet combining Booster protein products and traditional foods
Support by your dedicated dietitian

How does it work?

Calorie intake is significantly reduced : starches and sugars are temporarily removed from the diet.

This low calorie intake triggers a natural physiological mechanism called "Ketosis".

In fact, when the body no longer has its usual source of energy, it will call on other resources: fat reserves. Meanwhile, the large protein intake in our products help prevent muscle breakdown and facilitate satiation.


You only lose fat and very little muscle, you keep your vitality and do not suffer no fatigue as on other diets.

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Why choose Booster products?

« High protein products made even more efficient thanks to the specific active slimming agents which improve the efficiency and comfort of your programme »

Sweet and savoury ranges including over one hundred delicious and varied products:
Omelettes, purées, cream soups, drinks, creamy puddings and mousses, bread, cakes, pancakes, bars

Products which have been reworked by our taste expert: Marc Meurin Michelin Starred Chef

Quick and easy preparation. It is simple to diet with Diet Expert!


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Weight loss of up to 6.5lb per week depending on body type with:

the high chemical index > 120

  • A visibly slimmer silhouette: you lose fat not muscle!
  • Gradual stabilisation of your weight to avoid the yoyo effect.
  • New eating habits that will help you stabilise the weight reached and maintain a balanced diet in the long term.

Booster programme stages

The Booster programme has 3 stages:

BoosterProgramme Booster Stagestabilisation StageBalance Stage
Description You eat 3 Booster products each day combined with regular food: 2 of these Booster meals replace a good part of your diet. 1 meal (lunch or dinner) is still based on regular foods You follow a diet based on regular foods combined each day with a Diet Expert product (according to appetite) that helps you gradually stabilise. You rediscover a varied diet tailored to your lifestyle. The Trust warranty allows you to extend this phase until you reach your goal or if you regain weight.
Objective Achieve a rapid weight loss without feeling hungry or tired, you lose mostly fat and not muscle. Maintain the weight achieved , rediscover a varied and balanced diet and prevent weight regain avoiding the yoyo effect. Discover quality nutrition which allows you to stabilise your weight and remain healthy in the long term.


There are some medical contraindications to following a Booster programme.

If you are in any doubt, please consult your doctor before starting the program to ensure that this programme is suitable for you.

Booster active slimming agents composition:

  • Green coffee and green tea extract
  • Chicory inulin
  • vitamins and minerals:
    • Vitamins A, D3, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, B8
    • Minerals: Zn, Fe, Cu, I, Mn, Se, Mg

3 booster products per day, covers at least 45% of the RDA (recommended daily allowance)


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How does it work?

Diet Expert programs are based on high protein preparations or meals in combination with a normal diet.

Calorie intake is significantly reduced: starches and sugars are temporarily reduced in the diet

This low calorie intake triggers a natural physiological mechanism called " Ketosis".
Indeed when the body no longer has its usual source of energy, it will call on other resources: fat reserves.

Meanwhile, the major protein intake of our products helps prevent
muscle breakdown and facilitates satiation.

You lose only fat and very little muscle, you keep your vitality
and do not suffer feelings of fatigue as on other diets.

This mechanism is triggered within 48 hours that is why the results are visible
very quickly.

This entire natural process is placed under the control of your qualified dietitian
to help you lose weight quickly and safely.


Why does it work?

You are tracked, listened to, advised and motivated weekly by a qualified dietitian

The program is tailored to your needs

You have the daily support of the whole Diet Expert community and yourᅠconsultant

You maintain a normal diet and learn to cook or develop your
culinary skills thanks to our tool Diet Color

The products are delicious and varied, you will not get fed up of them!

The results are visible. This motivates you even more to achieve your goal.

Diet Expert gives you access to the Coach Club site allowing you to practise a physical activity at home and at your pace.

You can firm up your body with our exclusive range of cosmetics.

the Diet Color tool

What is the Diet Color?

  • To help you find a varied diet tailored to your needs during your slimming journey slimming, we made the Diet Color system available.
    It lets you customise every day your menus and is based on the calculation of average daily energy needs.

How does it work?

  • Depending on your diet programme and your lifestyle, your dietitian develops your menu types. Each menu is composed of coloured dots that represent a category of foods.
    With one click, you can customise your menus, and replace each colour dot with a tasty recipe, using the Diet Expert library of recipes.
    Thus instead of getting fed up, each meal is a pleasure throughout your programme. We wanted to make this tool as interactive as possible, providing recipes in photos and/or videos.

* The weight loss achieved varies from one individual to another and hence can not be guaranteed, it also relies on careful monitoring of the programme and stabilisation phase.

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