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Warranty period

As part of its dietary confidence offer, Diet Expert offers a warranty period of one year at the end of your Diet Expert programme.

Should you not reach the target set by the end of the project or regain weight during the one year warranty period, Diet Expert will then offer you free personalised support for a maximum period of one year until you reach or re-reach the target set.

" The target is the target weight set by the diagnostic available on the Diet Expert website and resulting from your statements. "

The programme start dates set during the diagnosis are theoretical and depend on the actual start of the program. The start date may be postponed in the event of either you or the Diet Expert contact being unavailable.

The warranty is the provision of personalised support for one year maximum from the date of the end of the diet programme and shall comprise a telephone or visual meeting with a dietitian per month lasting an average of 10 minutes without provision of products.

Within the limits defined below, Diet Expert guarantees you will reach and maintain the target weight set at the end of the booster or gourmet programme. Otherwise Diet Expert will then offer you personalised support for 1 year maximum free of charge.

Conditions for activating the warranty

1 You agree to answer the diagnostic questions truthfully

2 You agree to scrupulously follow the advice of the Diet Expert dietitians

3 You agree to use the customisation tool: Diet Color and follow the advice

4You agree to follow the entire programme

Diet Expert may refuse to apply or suspend the target guarantee in the following cases:

  • When you have not complied with any of the above terms
  • When you provided false information
  • When you have changed programme
  • When, during the programme, you defaulted on payment
  • When one of the meetings could not take place due to your actions
  • Diet Expert may terminate the set target guarantee in accordance with the above
    by email or a simple phone call.

the Diet Color tool

What is the Diet Color?

  • To help you find a varied diet tailored to your needs during your slimming journey slimming, we made the Diet Color system available.
    It lets you customise every day your menus and is based on the calculation of average daily energy needs.

How does it work?

  • Depending on your diet programme and your lifestyle, your dietitian develops your menu types. Each menu is composed of coloured dots that represent a category of foods.
    With one click, you can customise your menus, and replace each colour dot with a tasty recipe, using the Diet Expert library of recipes.
    Thus instead of getting fed up, each meal is a pleasure throughout your programme. We wanted to make this tool as interactive as possible, providing recipes in photos and/or videos.

* The weight loss achieved varies from one individual to another and hence can not be guaranteed, it also relies on careful monitoring of the programme and stabilisation phase.

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